Negotiations on Tesla opening superchargers: thought it was further along

electrek mentioned here that tesla is giving up $6 million in funding from california because they don't want to comply with the "payment infrastructure requirement." this is california specific, but does the federal IRA bill have a payment infrastructure requirement? or do they just ask tesla to open up via CCS?
This thread is a little co fusing Tesla already opened 10 chargers at 150 kw max
Except they didn't include a payment screen which is a CA requirement to get some of the funding. What's confusing about it?
Federal NEVI requires a credit card terminal too:

Payment Methods​

This final rule establishes a requirement that charging stations must provide a contactless payment method that accepts major credit and debit cards and accept payment through either an automated toll-free phone number or a short message/messaging system (commonly abbreviated as SMS). Payment methods must be accessible to persons with disabilities, not require a membership, not affect the power flow to vehicles, and provide access for those that are limited English proficient.

Tesla payment.png