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  • The easier reset idea is something I have asked for from Lucid, as I have had to reset several times. It wastes about 10–15 minutes and if the weather is bad, or I am in a bad neighborhood, it is a problem. I would want that also to be on my phone app (Sometimes the panels go blank, and the reset would not be on the console), but that could be a problem as well if for example a wife sets reset on to piss of the hubby. Of course, I want the time based charging on feature since I have free night electricity
    Garage doors as well can cause injury. Not pulling fully into the garage can cause damage to the car. Also, if an obstruction is hit, the garage door reverses after crushing whatever and the door is left open. My opinion is that Lucid should not be a part of this as it creates product liability. Other items such as turning off lane correction may also create a liability situation. I have found it pretty easy to ignore that little feedback correction when I am changing lanes without using my turn signals.
    It would be user selected. You would turn it off.
    Hydbob, Good survey. I voted on maybe 5 or 6 of the items. As someone who has geo fencing and automation on the entry gate and garage door, I am strongly against gate or garage operation automatically. My Lucid is in the shop right now because of a gate closing on it while pulling in. I am mostly responsible for that, since I programmed it. Anyway, about 3k of damage. My point is that some of these gates have enough power to injure someone as well as damaging a vehicle in the path. It looks like I will have to split this message up..
    I hind Lucid’s lans correction feature about as helpful as a drunk teenager, call me, old-fashioned, but I’ve survived, driving 60 years without this feature, and will continue to do so. Right now I believe it’s more of a danger than to help.
    I've checked, & maybe missed it, but do you have any update on the #D mats? They look like the best option .
    Last update was they were hoping to have them available for shipment early to mid Jan.
    #D mats? I just picked up my Air Touring on Dec 27th with white floor mats. All this rain is killing me! are the D mats an option of winter or can we buy mats of a different color than stock? Appreciate the help
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