New England Fall 2023 Meet-up!

@imran: I’m so sorry. I’m glad you’re ok after that. The car is replaceable machinery but you are priceless.
Hi fellow New Englanders! With nothing better to do on this rainy Saturday, I did a dry run through our route next week. In short: It’s good.

Hello all, I'm gauging interest in an informal fall meet-up for New England Lucid owners.

Our plan this time is to explore the Monadnock region and enjoy the (hopefully) stunning fall colors while driving along winding country roads. We plan to start at Miller State Park with a quick jaunt up the auto road to the top of Pack Monadnock then continue to Marlow and to Greenfield, NH (pictured below) before ending at the Post & Beam Brewery in Peterborough. Our planned meeting date is Sunday, October 1 in the morning.

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Let me know if you're interested in joining @Bunnylebowski and me by adding to the thread below.
Missed this. Live in Boston but wasn’t in the Northeast group. Maybe next time.
Look at all that lovely Zenith Red!

I missed it too, by a couple of hours - was slightly late leaving DC yesterday, and then NY traffic, so by the time I got to NH everyone had gone home ... I'll plan better next time!
Fun drive and great scenery. So nice to meet some new faces... Thanks for arranging such a fun event... the Miller State Park staff were great!
Incredible scenery! Had to run back to back birthday parties for my keepers over the weekend. Looking forward to the next one!