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Gravity Testing!

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Not if it's for tests related to battery stress, acceleration, suspension, brake tuning, et al. We'll see the Gravity in its true final form closer to when it's ready for range and crash tests. These are typically the last ones. Lucid is far behind with the Gravity release, and they had to show something before the end of Spring 2023, as they had previously promised.

At the earnings call Lucid said Gravity reveal would be "2023." They dropped "Spring" from 2023.

Revealing too early might eat into Air demand. I don't think Lucid will have any problems generating enough Gravity demand.
Any predictions when Lucid will begin taking reservations for the Gravity?
Just my speculation based on past pace.
Q3~Q4 2023 reservation open
Q3 2024 production begin
Q1 2025 delivery

side profile image I found on Twitter
Here is an "enhanced version of the image" (click to enlarge). It looks like they are not using a clamshell for the frunk for this prototype:View attachment 12499

Seems to have more of a stationwagon, or dare I say minivan stance. And in my use case, that’s a good thing! It actually reminds of the discontinued and unmourned Ford Flex.
Maybe it’s the angle, it doesn’t look too like boxy R1S. It does look like minivan and SUV hybrid. I hope someone post video of it on YouTube.
Seems to have more of a stationwagon, or dare I say minivan stance. And in my use case, that’s a good thing! It actually reminds of the discontinued and unmourned Ford Flex.
I think this picture is with the suspension lowered. I wonder if it will look more like an SUV if it's raised 🤔
Wow. This really has MB R-Class vibes, not really an SUV or Crossover shape. I really hope this does well for Lucid.
I would say give it time. Wait for the reveal. All of the details are hidden or absent and I do suspect it's lowered as mentioned above.
IF the EQS SUV shape isn't stopping people from buying it I don't see why this would.

Lucid has said repeatedly it is not a rock crawler.

Efficient 7 people movers tend to look like minivans.

If it gets AWD, 400+ miles of range, 7 seats, and 0-60 under 5 seconds for ~$100k I am in.
I consistently joke with coworkers that we need proper EV vans. This isn’t a bad thing and I prefer SUV doors.
I’m just happy it’s not a vertically elongated Air. The Model Y is clearly just a 3 that they stretched to make taller, and it suffers for it. The Model X has always been an ugly egg shape.

I personally have no interest or need for a seven-passenger SUV, but I think Lucid will do well with this so long as the range is good and it’s anywhere near as comfortable as the Air inside.

I, too, say wait for the reveal. It will likely look much different in its final form and colors. These camouflage photos are never flattering.
Looks like a squashed min-van. No thanks.

This is exactly the reason I am anxiously waiting for the Gravity. I am sick to death of seeing tall, lumbering tanks plying the roads. There is nothing I would like better than a sleek, roomy 6-7 passenger electric cruiser that retains as much of the efficiency and handling of a good sedan as possible without blotting out as much of the road and sky as possible for the half dozen drivers behind it.

To my mind, Lucid reinvented the sedan with the Air's brilliant packaging. It's high time someone does it for the SUV segment.
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