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Lucid Air vs. Mercedes EQS


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Dec 30, 2021
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Electrochromic film is fairly rigid. In the Boeing Dreamliner they could use it only by flattening the window panes, and you'll notice that cars that use it only use it for relatively flat roof panels. I think Lucid found it too difficult to get it to conform to the curve as the roof starts the descent to the windshield. Also, Lucid told me that the film does not completely lighten, nor can it be fabricated so that it fades to transparent, so a line would always be apparent where it stopped before descending into the windshield area.

As with Lucid, Rivian originally planned to use electrochromic film in their R1T and R1S but dropped plans during development. As new IR-blocking coatings became available, Rivian said they found the coatings to be more effective than electrochromic film which, contrary to popular belief, does not fully darken, either.

they could have done it on the rear section. That would have sufficed.