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Lucid Air Production Delay


Sep 22, 2021
I would not be surprised one bit if customers don't see deliveries till December. My guess is between Thanksgiving and Christmas as a "we met the end of the year promise". I do believe they were getting close to deliveries but my guesstimate is that between the ride quality (mostly road noise) issues that multiple people point out during the factory trials and soon after, AND the main in-car user interface software needing final tuning they will most likely hold off deliveries till those items are possibly (hopefully) addressed. I feel like even the factory road tests were in cars that had limited touchscreen functionality and I didn't see any videos that walk you thru the various features the screens provide. Even the test drivers seemed like they were instructed (and diligently watched by the passenger seat lucid employee) so as to make sure they didn't touch any of the screens beyond what was agreed upon.
Just my observations and 'reading in between lines'. Hopefully I am proved wrong and we get a delivery update sooner but I am not holding my breath!
My thoughts tend to agree with your observations about Dream deliveries for this year. Lucid claims they will be able to produce 20,000 cars in 2022, which means they would have to build 56 cars a day or about 1,700 cars a month starting in January to meet that goal. That would mean all 13,000 reservations would be built in 2022 and I’m not confident that will happen. I only put a deposit down in late Sep for an Air Touring and I’m now thinking I would most likely get a 2023 model year which I am okay with that time period as I believe they would have worked out many of the build/quality issues by then. Hopefully by the ‘23 model year they would add some additional features to the Air!