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  • Pure, AD3744-05934, Reserved 03/05/2022, Ordered 08/11/2022. Zenith, 20" wheels
    Upgraded to Touring, received VIN #, signed PA and expect delivery within the nest 2 weeks.
    Hi Joe, I just joined the forum and replied with my order specifics. I’d like to clarify a couple of dates. The reservation date - 11/27/21 and the reservation was finalized 8/12/22.
    I'd like to add to the Tahoe tracker

    Zenith red
    Tahoe interior
    Order was confirmed August 10
    Original order place was January
    Delivery was December 30
    Please add me to the Touring delivery tracker:
    order 7/8/22
    finalized 11/2/22
    metal roof
    19inch wheels
    basic sound system
    dream drive
    quantum grey
    mojave interior
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    Touring Reservation May 11 2022, Confirmed August 11 2022, Finalized Nov 5 2022. Color Zenith Red, Interior Santa Cruz, Glass Canopy Roof, 19” wheels, Surreal Sound, Dream Drive. State: Florida
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    Joe, I‘ve been following the Tracker to see latest deliveries. It appears that several Tourings have been delivered by end-December WITHOUT DreamDrive Pro or Surreal Sound Pro - - just regular DD and sound systems. However, none in Zenith Red as yet. Am I correct? If Lucid can churn out other colors without the Pro options, why not Zenith Red? Any knowledge or comment on this, before I start querying my DA about it? Thanks in advance - !
    Reservation: 9/9/20, Finalized: 11/5/2022, Color: Cosmos Silver, Interior: Mojave, No Stealth, Glass Canopy Roof, 20" Wheels, Surreal Sound Pro - Yes, Dream Drive Pro - Yes, State/Province Tennessee
    Thanks for your hard work!!
    Hi Joe. FYI: I had my Lucid order confirmed on November 15. I order a Grand Touring in Quantum Grey with a Mojave Interior and 21 inch Aero Blade wheels. As of March 27, I had received no information from Lucid on build date or VIN.
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    Hello. I am not a representative from Lucid Motors. I am just a future Lucid owner and enthusiast who put a community together for all of us to come together and chat. I see you've posted in the tracker thread so that is the best place to keep up with updates and progress. Enjoy and welcome to the forums! :)
    Good afternoon, Joe.
    How are member numbers assigned? I note my number is 100, but I noticed a new member today has number 58. Just curious. Thank you.
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