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Lucid Air Beta 2 Out and About in Grand Canyon and Yosemite-Inspired Wraps


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Jul 19, 2017
Of all the new electric car makers out there – and we mean those who don’t have a product in customers' hands yet – Lucid seems to be closest to actually making the transition from startup to full-grown company.

The car supposed to put Lucid on a path to glory is the Air. Unveiled earlier this year, the sedan – yes, in a market that hates them, a new carmaker is launching a sedan first – promises to bring performances at least on par with those of Tesla EVs, but also things Musk’s company didn’t think of yet.

The Air can already be booked, but it won’t hit the dealers’ shelves until later next year, and even in 2022 for one variant. Production is yet to begin, and the only things now coming out the factory doors are the test vehicles Lucid is taking on the roads for fine-tuning.

Now in their second generation, the new test prototypes (called Beta 2) have been out and about since September, helping Lucid engineers evaluate safety, chassis tuning, and more. Unlike their Beta 1 predecessors, these ones are packed with production-intent components.

Wrapped in a new camouflage meant to remind everyone of the company's connection with the states of Arizona and California (Grand Canyon and Yosemite imagery are to be found on the cars’ bodies), these vehicles will continue to travel American roads well into the next year.

When all systems are considered production-worthy, the lines will start rolling. There are three variants of the Air planned, with pricing starting at $95,000 for the Touring and going as high as $169,000 for the Dream Edition. A lower-priced variant ($80,000) is scheduled to launch in 2022.

In its top configuration, the Air promises 1,080 hp coming from a dual-motor setup, quarter-mile times in the high nines, and an estimated EPA range of up to 517 miles (832 km).

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