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If delivery target is not met due to fit and finish issues


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Nov 2, 2021
E-tron, Polestar 2
i still have my reservation for a Launch Edition R1S, with the most recent communication from Rivian saying a May/June delivery.

I wonder how many other posters here have Rivian reservations?

We have a Launch Edition R1S reservation as well. Our window is July-September. I'm skeptical they will hit this target honestly.


Jan 6, 2022
2018 Volt, Air GT
That's an interesting observation about Rivian. I have a reservation on a R1S. Do you feel the same about Lucid? Or how do you perceive Lucid Production compared to Rivian?

Lucid's biggest roadblock has always been funding. I followed them since they were Atieva, showing off their tech by drag racing hot cars in an old van they outfitted with their own tech. Their goal back in the mid 2000s was to attract OEMs with their electric drive systems and battery packs. The big OEMs were having none of it though. As we now know, traditional OEMs were late in realizing EVs would be a thing.

Rawlinson apparently clashed with "Tesla management". Atieva saw an opportunity in him to build their own car with the tech they had developed. He brought genuine 'car guy' skills and a reputation that let him attract top talent and resources to the company. Finally getting PIF Kept the company afloat and let them make the company one step closer to viable. Then Churchill brought the SPAC money, not as much as Lucid now needed but close. Finally enthusiastic investors pushed up share price enough to sell enough in convertible notes to survive through the AMP-1 factory build-out..

So, to answer your question, no, I don't feel the same about Lucid. They are charging realistic prices for what they offer. These are not profitable cars, not today, but I don't believe Lucid is selling them at a material loss. The burn rate is very high though and it is important to get production ironed out this year. I don't see a fundamental flaw in Lucid's business plan and Rawlinson's sales forecast seems achievable. The critical thing for them now is to manage their burn rate. The biggest single threat is the potential of a recession that could undermine sales of luxury vehicles. Lucid did get authority in the merger vote to issue as many new shares as needed to fund growing the business but they need to be judicious about using that authority. I expect them to succeed and can't wait to get my GT.

Biggest potential upside surprise could be licensing their tech or selling parts to a big OEM. Rumors of Lucid building the Apple car are, in my opinion, silly. It doesn't make business sense for Apple.

I only hold 600-ish shares of LCID today out of the several tens of thousands I have traded. The stock is overpriced (my opinion) and very volatile.