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2.0.24 Update


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Feb 15, 2022
North Scottsdale
I just had a long road trip from Phoenix to Austin and back and that HA does indeed move a little to the right of the lane ONLY WHEN it detects a car/truck in the right lane and then kinda centers itself better within the lane. My wife noticed it too. I think I have 2.0.25. Pretty un-nerving as sometimes it caused the trucks in the right lane to swerve out of the way for a quick second
Also I have the cameras not loading (upper one saying unavailable and the lower one just circling) for the second or third time in 4 days. I was able to somehow reset it twice by either valet mode combined with changing profiles. But this time just no luck at all!


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Apr 11, 2022
Poway (San Diego)
AGT, I Pace, DB9
Yes, that does work. But it’s certainly not a convenient fix for an annoying big. Every time I get out of the car and get back in, I have to get out my phone, turn off Bluetooth, wait a minute, turn it back on, click on the Lucid device in the Bluetooth list to reconnect and then restart whatever I was listening to on my phone.

Version 2.0 brought many useful improvements, but this was a flub. Without CarPlay, I rely completely on my phone via Bluetooth for audio. So this problem irritates me several times a day. I hope Lucid is watching and issues a fix for it soon.
For now, you can still say “hey siri…” to choose music, text etc. on Bluetooth. I’m also eagerly waiting for CarPlay.