MEGA-POLL: Software Wishlist

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Please read all of these instructions before beginning!

Welcome to the MEGA-POLL, which is a term that we pretty much just made up. We have spent a considerable amount of time compiling all of the most common SOFTWARE REQUESTS by users. We have then added them all into this thread. We would appreciate if users upvote the items that are most important to you regarding the car user interface. If you would like an additional item added, please message any moderator. Comments on the thread are not allowed. Only voting.

In the future, will also release a similar thread for hardware and one for bugs.

Please vote for a maximum of 10 items. There are 44 total items on 3 pages. It's a good idea to read through all of the items first and then come back and vote.
This will allow the most popular ones to be drawn to the top of the thread. The system will not automatically count, so you are on the honor code. Each user using exactly 10 votes will keep the prioritization appropriate and accurate. The moderators will present the results to Lucid once there are enough responses to represent an appropriate sample size. Of course, our heartfelt hope is that Lucid will incorporate every single one of these items into the vehicle over time. Prioritization is the goal of this exercise.

To vote: on a computer use the up-arrow at the right edge of the item. On a phone, use the arrow just below the item.

Note: CarPlay/AA is a highly requested feature. It is not listed here because Lucid has already said it is in development and its release is imminent.

@Adnillien @Bobby @borski @hydbob @joec
Improved Visualizations on Center Dashboard

Details: display would show a graphic of the Lucid to indicate lights that are on, brake lights, etc. When in ACC or Highway Assist mode, would show the relative positions of other cars, objects, road hazards, etc.
Planned departures

Detail: enable a calendar function to plan departure times. This will include single, daily, and weekly options. This is useful when an owner would prefer the car automatically apply climate control settings at set times.
Exterior lights full off mode

Details: currently it is impossible to turn off all exterior lights. This enhance it would allow the user to do so.
Automatic preconditioning

Details: user option to have a vehicle automatically precondition the battery at appropriate time when navigation to a charger is selected as destination or waypoint.
Not open for further replies.