Lucid Philosophy Spreading?

I see what you mean. That would almost certainly be a disaster.

Rivian's are slowly becoming almost commonplace among my town. Lucids are meanwhile only seen about once a month (sadly). However... [most] SUV customers are not really "enthusiasts" (I know it's an incorrect usage of the word, but I couldnt think of a better word). By "enthusiasts," I mean that they would be somewhat more tolerant regarding the software issues due to the amazing hardware (as the early Air was). If the Gravity was to go first instead of the Air, and it had the same great hardware but terrible software, I think that the more commonplace SUV customers would not tolerate it with even half the patience that early Air owners did.

I'm sure my thoughts are coming out as a huge jumble of words, but hopefully you all get the gist. I assume this is what you meant by that, right?
Out here I see a lot of Rivians and Lucids. Of course, I live only 9 miles away from the Lucid Design Studio and 12 miles away from the service center. More Rivians than Lucids. a Couple of days ago I was parked next to a Rivian SUV and the owner was in the car. I asked her how she liked it assuming I would hear loads of praise. Instead she said it was terrible car, way to rough a ride and she would not do it again. But I did ask her if she off roaded and she said no.