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BMW I7 versus Lucid Air Grand Touring!

Well, your question is too hypothetical & frankly doesn’t make sense. Since I was on solid ground and had already put over 25000 miles on my Dream Edition & had already ordered a Stealth last year, I CHOSE to buy the i7 after driving it. It was not an impulsive decision, rather I wanted an EV that was better than the Lucid Air, Porsche Taycan, Audi Etron (I had already owned 1) & Tesla MS ( also had owned 1). I have owned different models of BMW 7 series over the past 30+ years & the i7 is their BEST car so far. I’m in the Automotive industry & have owned my share of toys & have enjoyed each one for what they have offered to me.
Still have the Lucid and i7? Why keep both?

Looks like you prefer interior comfort to looks, performance or driving dynamics. Enjoy your i7! At least you dont see it when driving it.
It used to be if you wanted an EV, you had to get a Tesla. Now there are many choices from pure EV makers like Lucid and Rivian through traditional car makers like BMW, Mercedes, Audi, Ford, Hyundai, etc. As consumers, we are all different and have differing values. We should respect that and recognize that a Lucid is not for everyone just as a BMW is not for everyone.

Having said that, I do love the new blackout Lucids.
Did I say anything that insinuated I didn't respect his opinion, choice, or attacked him on his decision of the i7?
Did I say anything that insinuated I didn't respect his opinion, choice, or attacked him on his decision of the i7?

I didn't see anything inappropriate in your posting. Someone responded to you that implied you had but I agree with you, you merely expressed your opinion and asked a legitimate question.
I had a i7 custom ordered a year ago which arrived last month. It looked gorgeous from the outside in the Oxide Grey metallic paint. However, after test driving it and going back to test drive the Lucid Air Touring again, I ended up leasing the Lucid AT. It’s better powered and it’s a driver’s car while the BMW i7 is really an underpowered luxury sedan, more for a chauffeur driven owner. Sharing the same platform with the gas model is good for for BMW but not for a true EV aficionado. It creates so many negatives, the main one being that the rear passenger floor is separated by the driveshaft tunnel running down the middle of the floor. BMW’s i7 tech is also misdirected and the interior looks way too busy for a modern EV. Took delivery of my AT yesterday and I’m so pleased that I ended up making the right choice. BTW, I‘m keeping my 10 year old Model S 85 which has 61k miles and still drives like a rocket. The S comes with lifetime free charging and free internet and it’s transferable to the next owner.
I also have owned many 7 series BMWs and considered the i7. I test drove it and also thought the driving experience was not good. Obviously the tech all works great but I chose to go with the Lucid AT.