1. H

    EA charger information for those who have charging issues

    Piece of advice for lucid owners experiencing issues with charging at EA stations. I was unable to charge at 2 different EA locations, and after extensive calls and follow-ups, I think I have some useful information to share. EA chargers are made/installed by three different manufacturers...
  2. kristiandg

    A recent series of feature requests and bug reports…

    Folks, I've just submitted the following bug and feature requests, as well as a couple "replace these" requests that will likely fall on deaf ears, but perhaps the more people who send them in, it might help invoke some change. Feel free to copy the text and email it to Lucid...
  3. thecodingart

    Auto closing windows

    One of the surprising aspects I miss about my Mercedes consisted of some of the small flairs they add software wise for convenience. They have the capability of holding down a button on the keyfob or via the touch sensor on the door handle to trigger all windows closing on the vehicle. I’ve been...
  4. J

    500 mi review

    I received my AGT (Platinum, 21" wheels) about 2 weeks ago and thought it would be helpful to post a review for those considering or reconsidering purchase. First, it is the finest car I have ever owned. This includes previous MB, BMW, Audi and Lexus. Acceleration is hard to believe. The...
  5. A

    Lucid UX 2.0 is worth the wait

    Just upgraded to 2.0.8 and everything after 2.0.5 has been astounding. Navigation: Much smoother interface and always has the travel time and mileage showing on the navigation panel now, also the car remembers to disable turn by turn voice. Homelink: It will now pull up when you approach your...
  6. windscar911

    Another review: Software troubles are holding this car back

    He misunderstands what "Android Automotive" means here. He thinks it means Android Auto but ultimately the software story in this car is just not great. Also measured weakness in the Bass here. I wish they tried to reset and see if the Bass came back. Stuff like this is simple unacceptable...
  7. thecodingart

    AC Software - Defrosters

    I can't be the only one who notices the simple atrocity around the AC settings and defroster logic. The defrosters in particular are something that probably irritate me on a daily basis. The left hand shortcut actions for the defrosters are rarely in sync with what the car is doing and the...
  8. xtsla

    Why did Lucid choose TomTom over google maps

    Coming from a Tesla I have to say the navigation in the Lucid is a huge step back. I have no idea why they chose TomTom as a Nav provider when google is way more responsive, smooth and accurate. I really wish they don't continue to use TomTom and switch to google maps.