Help me back out of my driveway


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Mar 11, 2024
Air GT
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I would like to keep Cross Traffic Protection enabled but it is making it damn near impossible to back out of my driveway. I live on a busy street and when backing out of my driveway I usually want to drive off to my left, this means I don't care about traffic in the far lane. I'm perfectly capable of backing out into the near lane. I don't care if there are cars in the far lane! Please, Lucid, for the love of my sanity, let me temporarily disable cross traffic protection for vehicles from the left rear when I turn on my signal (or some other simple method). Waiting for both lanes to be clear is nigh impossible and the braking every second is irritating af. I'd like to keep Cross Traffic Protection enabled because it sounds like it may be useful one of these days, but I might have to disable it for good.
Volvo and Polestar pop up a button for a few seconds to temporarily disable rear auto braking when you switch into reverse. It was added by customer request @mcr16 .
The Volvo/Polestar idea would help. I disabled Cross-Trafffic Protection during orientation on delivery day while on a road test to demonstrate self-parking because it went off at every passing car while we were waiting for the Lucid to decide if it was going to self park (it didn't). (As a side point, self-park refused to work in most spaces we tried.) I tried Cross-Trafffic Protection again soon thereafter, but again found it unusable.
Audi has this exact same issue. My S5 used to violently slam on the brakes when in this situation. Had to turn off the feature
The best way to be helpful on this issue (or any) is to make a bit of the exact time this happened and send an email or text to CS so they can review the logs of your car.