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Guess the name of this project or the name of the future car...


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Nov 14, 2021
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Let's have at it.
Lucid Stone. Car will likely look like a small one. Maybe Stone would be the truck. I change my guess to Lucid Photon.

Lucid Light would probably lead to market confusion, but I guess all the names do.

Lucid Earth doesn't have the same ring. Remember we have Air and Gravity. Forces of nature as the theme. Fisker Ocean is already taken.

Lucid Plasma for the 2 seater that doesn't exist.
Air Spring or Air Tension (Will give heart attack to ——— You know who already)
Well we’ve had an element and a force now. Calling it the Lucid Fire wouldn’t be a very good idea for PR. Lucid Magnet doesn’t have a great ring to it. There are already too many electrical names - Volt, Bolt, Lightning. I’m going out on a limb with Lucid Carbon. Something about this one being carbon neutral, carbon relating to life… 🤷‍♂️
I’m going with Lucid Flight. They can put together a clever marketing campaign around the vehicle as well as the company.
I think there’s a 30 percent chance the name is “Apple car.” 🤣

But seriously, it’s pretty hard to tell. A natural element, a force… maybe we just move upwards from the earth? I’m going with Lucid *insert planet or asteroid name*
How about Lucid E.T.? It would sound like Lucidity and all their cars look alien, in a good way. If they go with my idea I want a free Gravity 😆