Excessively long boot up times

Pardon me for asking ... but have you tried pushing in the door handle while your mobile phone is in one of your hands (out of your pocket or purse)?

Thanks for the note Terry. Yes I would press the handle and it would sit limp inside the door until it would finally respond to me standing there and pop out.

I was able to correct the door unlock issue today on my own. I erased all the keys. Disconnected my car from the app and erased and re-installed it. I then Pressed on the Air symbol and reset the car (saw this “hard reset” on YouTube). When it powered back on I reinstalled the app and reconnected the Bluetooth and all items to my phone. I believe the issue to be the door unlock is a separate Bluetooth profile to the car Bluetooth. My car is 756 and the doors are 07756.

Now I just need service to show up Thursday at my home and hopefully resolve the screen issue. That’s the much bigger problem as I’m on the road a lot for business and am in and out of my car multiple times. Today I was in and out of my car 16x. So I sat roughly 16 minutes in 1-minute intervals throughout the day waiting for the screens and all tech to power up each time I would get back in my vehicle.
I've had similar issues with my '24 Touring since delivery (May). After I was able to get it into service, techs were able to verify the longer than normal load times for screens (over a minute). They performed a CCC reset but still delayed.

In the end, they found the Center Console Controller (CCC) was an older piece of hardware and replaced it with a revised one.

Now the screens are on as I open the door! 😊
I’ll bring this to their attention on Thursday. They’re supposed to be at my house at 930AM. What service center did you go to?