1. D

    Best charging strategy

    I understand that the recommendation is to keep the battery between 20% and 80%. I don't drive a lot, so I only need to charge every week, but other people just plug it in every night. In the old days, the recharge cycles was what "wore out" a battery. So, my question is this, is it better...
  2. OutrightPace

    Tesla Lays off Supercharger Team

    Has anyone else heard about this? It doesn't seem particularly promising for those of us hoping for a seamless transition to Supercharger access next year.
  3. ZenSolo

    My Charging Journey

    I’ve had my Lucid Air Touring for two days. I wanted to time the purchase and installation of either or both a Lucid home charging station and/or a simple NEMA 14-50 outlet so that it would be ready by the time I took possession of the car, but at the same time I played it conservative in case...
  4. thervckus

    Issues with Scheduled Charging, Audio, and Suspension Noise

    I posted earlier about suspension issues and terrible King of Prussia customer service. Their manager has since contacted me to help resolve the situation. But now, multiple new issues are arising. 1. My car still will not charge on schedule. I have a Lucid charger, excellent WiFi network...
  5. J

    EA is Improving

    Wanted to start a new thread on EA. “EA is Enraging” is dated. Traveled I-95 and I-20 from Jersey to Atlanta the past two days. Used EA and had extremely good experiences. Whether I used 350 or 150 chargers I always started out with no less than 140 kw. Not once was the output machine limited. I...
  6. Keith

    Cabin Heat while DC Fast Charging

    Over Thanksgiving last month we drove our Air Pure from NH to FL. Charging added about 4 hours to the trip, and thankfully the EA chargers worked and we really never waited in line. One bothersome issue we had however was Cabin Heat while DC Fast Charging. I only noticed this the one time...
  7. sri

    Used car Free EA transfer dead?

    Is transfer of Free EA charging working on used Lucid purchases?
  8. J

    Indy Roadtrip

    On a Thanksgiving weekend round trip from NJ to Indy, I had a chance to give the software update a good test run. Highway Assist is significantly improved. I did notice that it had trouble staying centered when passing an entrance onto the freeway marked by dotted lines. It did seem to maintain...
  9. MichaelW

    Current charging infrastructure in LA

    Just got my Air Pure AWD with 20’s a couple of weeks ago. Love the car, but for the love of god…someone needs to do something about the entire charging infrastructure. Most of the time, the EA chargers don’t work. Even if they do, they are only outputting 40-60kwh when it should be 150 as a...
  10. kristiandg

    Lucid Charger (failures and design oddities)

    Originally posted here: All, just a heads up regarding the Lucid home charger. Although the home we are building will have no need for reverse power (letting the car power the house during outages)...
  11. davidliu

    Rivian adopting NACS Wondering if Lucid will ever adopt NACS
  12. GMan

    New EA Twist. Are we all "Justin" Now?

    So, I charged today at EA and something new occurred...Upon authentication of my car and charge start, the typical "Thank you Customer" screen showed up as it always does for a few seconds. Only this time, it thanked "Justin" and not "Driver". Now, I'm pretty sure my name is not Justin, and...
  13. G

    Seattle area charging

    Hey Seattle area/ Pacific Northwest people, I am on fence about buying Lucid air touring. I am currently comparing this to Tesla model S, which has a decent charging network. Other than charging network, I don’t have any questions between AT and Model S. I love AT. My question for Seattle...
  14. AustinAir

    250+ KwH at EA!

    I wanted to share something here. While I was doing research, multiple posts about horrid charging curves almost scared me out of buying my Lucid. After all, rate of charge is one of the main perks. For those on the fence PLEASE READ. TLDR; charging rate is good (great even) but curve can...
  15. AbsoluteZenith

    Touring Charge Speed UX/UI

    As far as I am aware, the Lucid Air Touring/Pure editions are unable to take advantage of full 350 KW charging and are capped at 200 KW due to the smaller battery size and lower voltage architecture. This being said, when navigating to any location, the navigation interface assumes that 350 KW...
  16. W

    Slower DC Charging for RWD?

    I noticed this newest update on the Lucid website. Only the AWD Pure is able to charge at 250kw. I assume it will be less for the RWD. Does it imply the RWD version will be equipped with a smaller battery?
  17. R

    Can't Charge Off-Peak

    Our Lucid Air GT completed the most current OTA update a couple of days ago. Since then, we continue to get Charging Errors because we have our home chargers set to charge during the most competitive Off-Peak electric hours (12am - 6am PST). As such, I have now called Lucid twice and both...
  18. S

    My Air Grand Touring is no longer accepting a charge

    unfortunately my freshly delivered Lucid Air Grand Touring has stopped accepting a charge. Not sure what went wrong, was working just fine until yesterday. When plugged in at home, my mobile charger lights up a constant white, indicating it’s ready to charge. As soon as it’s clicked into the...
  19. thecodingart

    V2L Ionic Adaptor - Compatible?

    In the mist of the holidays, I have a few projectors I sort of want to be plugged into my vehicle. I really wish Lucid had included a 120/110 outlet… Has anyone happened to try a V2L adapter on the Lucid (like the one Hyundai sells for the Ionic 6) to see if that will work?
  20. PyynkBOB

    Compatible 110 Charging Cable

    If I attempt to charge my Lucid, using my Lucid charging cable, on the 110 outlet in my garage, I get a charging failure after two minutes of charging. If I attempt to charge my Jaguar I-Pace, using my Jaguar charging cable, on the very same 110 outlet in my garage, it charges without an issue...