what are you listening to right now?


Sep 6, 2022
whether it's music or podcasts, what are you listen to at the moment? feel free to post links to what you're listening to!
It’s 5am, im listening to a cricket that got in the house. I’m hoping the cat gets it. Earlier this evening I opened the door and a bird that was apparently attempting to nest in wreath there flew into my face then up the stairs where the cat immediately grabbed it. I had to pry the bird out from the cats mouth and it promptly flew into the great room some where. That’s tomorrows problem. The cricket must have sensed the open unguarded door while I was wrestling with the cat to set up a recording studio in the foyer. Earlier the wife tells me old Chinese proverb says a bird flying in the house means a death is imminent. I tell her yes, I just haven’t decided if it’s the cricket the bird or perhaps the cat. I’m really looking forward to work tomorrow.
Project Hail Mary by Andy Weird on Audible
I am listening "you got me". I am mostly on traveling that's why I purchase wireless audiophile headphone to listen this to relax myself.