We are the San Francisco Bay area’s Lucid automotive customization center for all you paint protection services.

Mum Sports

Supporting Vendor
Jun 6, 2023
Fremont, CA
We have a true passion for automobiles and a talent for optimizing them.

We care about providing our clients and their vehicles the highest quality of work possible. Our services include paint protection, window tinting, chrome delete, powder-coating wheels, painting calipers and auto detailing. All in one convenient location. Mum Sports is an authorized installer of Ceramic Pro and Xpel (Paint Protection Film). We are also a member of the International Detailing Association. Mum Sports partners with luxury car dealerships throughout the San Francisco Bay Area, including: Fletcher Jones’ Porsche, Audi Livermore, Land Rover Livermore and Los Gatos Luxury Cars. We also provide service to Tesla vehicles on a daily basis. Our immense attention to detail, hundreds of happy clients, and everlasting desire to perfection is why we say “Quality is never an accident. It is the result of intelligent efforts.”

We are the San Francisco Bay area’s automotive customization center.

We offer:

-The full XPEL services suite including Xpel PPF, Stek, , and other PPF options such as a new color changing paint protection film that changes the color of your Lucid like a vinyl wrap but protects like PPF.

-The full Ceramic Pro services suite to give your Lucid a hydrophobic layer making it much easier to clean and maintain.

-Top of the line detailing solutions such as paint correction, graphene coating, leather conditioning, and new delivery packages for your freshly delivered Lucid.

-Vinyl wrap, accents, interior restyling, chrome delete options, wheel powder coating, and aftermarket ‘The New Aero’ wheels.

-Xpel Ceramic window tints and full glass roof tint installs on Lucid and other EVs.

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Contact us for great deals at 510.657.3224.


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"XPEL paint protection film on Lucid Air! Not only does it provide top-notch protection against chips and scratches, but it also maintains the sleek look of my car. Highly recommend it for anyone looking to keep their Lucid Air's paint in pristine condition!" P.S. The hood is done in one piece=)


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