Possible heat-related issues


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Jun 29, 2022
Salt Lake City, Utah
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Hey everyone,

I've been having a couple of possibly heat-related issues with my car and wanted to get a sense if others had or are having the same issues. I've had mobile service try to diagnose both issues with no definitive solutions yet. Thank you in advance for your thoughts and insight!

The first issue is been intermittent errors or faults with the front camera. Last week I received a message almost every day saying that the camera was blocked or that it had faulted. Both errors would typically clear after about 15 minutes or after a reset. I suspect it may be heat-related because it has only happened after driving home from work after the car has been sitting out in the sun and the interior temperature is well over 100.

The second issue is clicks and pops coming from the steering wheel when turning or applying pressure to the wheel. This seems to be most noticeable when the car interior is hot and the sounds seem to be coming from the steering column. When I leave for work in the morning when the car is cool this doesn't seem to be as noticeable.

Thanks for reading. If anyone has had these same issues I would be be interested to hear if they were able to resolve them. I hope everyone is enjoying their car as much as I am. All the best!
Attached is a short video demonstrating the steering wheel clicks. This is right after I got into the car without turning on the AC. The interior temp was around 110.