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Lucid Air Configurator Does Not Reveal Packages And Extras Pricing


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Aug 24, 2020
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The Dream Edition and Grand Touring were designed to maximize performance, range, and efficiency.

The Lucid Design and Engineering teams are actively working on improving the rear legroom and/or foot room for these models. Nothing has been committed to
Not to make this a bigger deal than it is, but I do find this a contradiction.

The Dream, the top trim of a new manufacturer branding themselves as the EV S Class, was designed to maximize performance, range, and efficiency? That’s great, but it cannot be at the expense of basic luxury car staples if being sold at $170k.

Stepping back, I’m sure they have research that suggests it is range prohibiting EV (Model S) adoption by MB and BMW buyers more than it is luxury. As a 7 year EV user long removed from range anxiety, I tend to forget that

I’m guessing Lucid gets more test drives with 517 miles advertised, and once they’re in an EV, they’ll want it. I remember the blinding enlightenment of that first drive. It took me years before the haze from the instant torque honeymoon and tech in the S cleared and I found myself wanting more.


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Mar 7, 2020
This is what I mean when I tell people Tesla made me an EV addict. Their cars have their shortcomings, but there is nothing like the feeling of a powerful electric powertrain . . . and I came out of Audi R8 V-10 Spyder (my third R8) for the Tesla. The thing I most feared I would miss with the Audi was that glorious roar of the Lamborghini V-10 but, to my complete surprise, I found the low, silky whine of the electric motors just as exhilarating in their own very different way.

With the newest breeds of roomy E-SUV's now starting to break the 400-mile range barrier (Rivian, maybe Lucid with the Gravity), the day may be coming that I can finally get rid of my last ICE vehicle which I keep primarily for road trips with friends and family.

A few 30-minute charging layovers while on a road trip would be an easy trade for the dozens of trips to gas stations I would avoid while hanging closer to home, which is by far the majority of my driving.
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