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Google adds Max, Peacock, and Angry Birds to cars with native Android software

Just what is needed in a car! I'm waiting for Android Auto with the rest of the Android users, but for me, this wouldn't add anything I care about. Once my free charging runs out, the car will charge overnight when I'm not in it. On the rare road trip, I'm outside the car the majority of the charging time stretching my legs, getting some fresh air or something to eat. I can't imagine needing to play Angry Birds on the car screen. And if someone in the car is streaming a movie on the main screen, that leads to the potential for the driver to pay attention to the screen and not the road, which isn't a good thing.
More people will care about what's already there for most AAOS cars except Lucid's: native cloud synced Google Maps, Waze, calendar integration, YouTube music, ABRP. But it does help strengthen the ecosystem. More to do while charging. People don't complain about having the ability to run these apps on their phone, why be negative about the ability to run them on your car if you wish. You don't have to install the apps on your car if you don't want to.
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In 10 years, a car that doesn't have an app store will seem pretty out of date. Imagine if your phone came only with a fixed set of apps that the manufacturer had pre-chosen for you and would not allow substitutions.