Dallas area.


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Jan 16, 2022
Dallas, Tx
GT, White, Mojave, 19"
Anyone know of reputable service places for Ceramic coating, window tinting, and wraps etc in or near Dallas, Tx? Thx in advance!
I thought I would bump this as I am interested too. I used Alta Mere for window tinting on my last two cars and was happy with the job they did. I have never done ceramic or wraps so can't speak to that.
We are having ours done today. Using Tint World Team at 3800 Main Street, The Colony TX 972-639-5815. They're tinting the windows as well.
I used XPEL on Prudential drive. Very professional and did a great job. They use template cuts so if you want full edge wrap you need to ask for it. I didn't know this was a thing until after I had it done but even without edge wrap I am happy. They used to give 10% off to forum members so its worth mentioning.