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    Lucid Unveils Sales & Service Model, With First Location To Open in 2020

    Obviously Lucid has no interest in Phoenix or even a factory store though I believe they would have a good market. I canceled my reservation. Wishing Lucid good success as I'm moving on.
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    McFarland touring the Lucid Moters manufacturing plant

    Thanks for the photos. Glad to see some progress. Did you just show up unannounced or did you let them know? I'm in Cave Creek and have a thought of passing by the site and then heading back up to Ak-Chin.
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    Hello Is anybody out there?

    Will you be going to the open house and showing of the Lucid Air in Newark on the 13th I believe?
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    Hello Is anybody out there?

    Not yet that is why I'm getting a little corny. The analysts will be arriving in April.
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    Hello Is anybody out there?

    I feel like I'm talking to myself. Lucid just announced north of $100K will be the price range at this time. Having just test drove the Taycan Monday that price range should not surprise me. I kept my wallet in my pocket knowing the Rivian R1T is my true goal. If that doesn't go well it will be...
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    Lucid Air is getting its public debut in New York in April

    Lucid sent out invites for a private showing in NY in April. Lets hope they do a big show for the factory completion later this year. Now that one I will gladly go to.
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    Lucid Air in San Francisco

    Way too late for this but Lucid should have started with an SUV. The interest would have been immense. On the other hand the Chinese market is big for executive cars chauffeur driven.
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    Webcam showing factory construction

    Lucid, how about installing a webcam so that deposit holders and potential customers can see real time construction of the new factory in Casa Grande AZ?
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    Welcome to - The Lucid Motors Community & Owners Forums

    Joined the forum recently. Lets hope to get some great info to share and not the negative critics that the auto forums have been attracting.
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    Lucid Air electric sedan will get all-wheel drive option, Launch Edition – deliveries in 2019

    All said this reads as a very exciting sedan. That said with the Tesla S very short on sales how will this sedan do in comparison? I've recently become a reservation holder but that being said my attention is solid for the Rivian R1T. Two entirely different vehicles. I would be driving an S know...
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    Lucid accepting deposits

    Lucid is on the way to production and is accepting refundable $1000 deposits. The first production Lucid Air will most likely be the top of the line fully loaded vehicle but with a first addition of 255 cars the step dowm might be more afordable for many of use. I'm a deposit holder and...