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Solution to DC Charging Issue “Reconnecting to Vehicle”


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May 5, 2024
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I was running into an issue that I managed to solve, so I figured I’d share since I didn’t see it anywhere.

I would arrive at a DC CCS charger (EA, EVGo, and Chargepoint all had this issue for me), plug in, and everything would seem fine. The charger would authorize payment, and both the charger and car would enter a “initiating charging” stage for a few seconds, but then the charger would start trying to reconnect, and the car would give a vague error and prompt to unplug and try again.

I called Lucid Customer Care, and they were able to see on the backend that my charge port was never entering the proper “locked” status.

Open the frunk, and locate the rectangular plastic collar with a hole right above the charge port. Pull on the plastic collar to pop it out. You should see a thin metal cable connecting it into the mechanism. Pull on the plastic collar until the metal wire is in tension. Mine clicked a little as I pulled it out. Hold for a few seconds. Release, and you should feel a springlike tension pulling the collar back down through that wire. Snap the collar back in, close the frunk, and try charging again.

Hope this helps someone as I was having trouble finding this specific issue online.