Sapphire first road trip

Trip A is lifetime lmao.

I have no idea why you’d get this great of a car and drive it like a grandma

Efficiency only matters if and when I’m on a road trip, and then I get good efficiency. Daily tho? Catch me if you can. :)
#1 But who says grandmas drive slowly? I would say "hypermilers" instead!:D

did you sell your Dream Edition or do you have both now?
I have both. The Sapphire can absolutely replace the DE as a daily driver. The value of the DE to me is higher than the market value for now.
Sapphire looks great even in flat light.
Arrived in Frisco Tx.
3/4 EA chargers delivered well over 200kW with a high of 313kW.
1 EA limited to 75kW

Used a EV Connect charger for the first time at a BMW dealership.
Charger was ABB and delivered 163kW.
After downloading EV Connect app I was able to start charging in less than a minute.

Charged overnight to 100% using a Tesla destination charger at 7kW. There was also a J1772 with and Audi already plugged in.
Having a Tesla Tap has been very helpful on multiple road trips.

Road trip 970 miles.
miles per kWh 2.7

I could have made it with only 2 level 3 stops and the hotel level 2.
I prefer to charge at 30-40% back to 80-90% so I have options. Also, I don‘t mind the bathroom breaks. 3 of the stops were only 20 minutes.