Hello from Los Altos!


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Dec 3, 2022
Lucid Air Grand Touring
Hi all,
I just placed an order for a Air GT white with Tahoe and 21" wheels last week. They tell me I have a matching VIN in Arizona so delivery should be in weeks!

I'm upgrading from a Signature edition (pre-release order) Tesla Model S P85, and I was very impressed when I test drove the Air.

I'm absolutely going to get it wrapped to bring out the best of the unique aesthetics of the car. Currently debating either a 'space car' look in retaining most of the white, or going for a 'Thunderbird 3.0' retro future look. Not sure yet...

lucid colors.jpg

Looking forward to any advice or things I should look out for. Thanks in advance for having this community!
Thunderbird all the way
Hmmm I like the blue exterior but would it look good with the orangey Tahoe interior?
Wow everyone I talk to likes the blue... seems unanimous! :p