Gurgle/scraping noise


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Jan 7, 2022
Charlotte, NC
73 Mustang Conv & the GT
I have had a noise coming from what appears to be under the center console. That noise has been present pretty much since I purchased the car over 14 months ago. I have tried to ignore it, turn the radio up, etc., but even my wife is now pointing it out. I have taken rides with Mobile Service to point it out to them. The first time, he just said that he would ask around to see if anyone has come across anything similar. The second time, Mason took apart the frunk to try and see if it might be something with the AC compressor. He found a rubber bushing had come loose and actually found the bushing lodged down beneath the unit and was able to reinstall it. He thought that might be the issue, but it was not, still have the noise. Mason is coming back out tomorrow to try and tackle it again.

Has anyone had this issue and, if so, what was the fix? The noise is hard to describe. It sounds like a scraping sound. I had originally thought maybe a gurgle, but the more I hear it, it is more like a scraping, but it definitely sounds like it is coming from below the center console. The only good thing, I guess, is that it appears on almost every drive so it isn't one of those things that is there one out of every 100 drives and hard to replicate.
This video has the sound. You can hear it in the background.
Well, Mason from Mobile Service just left my house. I really can't say enough how great of a representative he is for Lucid.

He thinks he found the noise and made the necessary repair. If he was correct, and I believe and hope that he was, the noise came from two front drive unit bolts that were not torqued to spec, probably from the factory. He took the car for a drive and was able to reproduce the noise consistently at a certain speed. He torqued the bolts and could not replicate the noise thereafter.

He also said he had never heard that noise before and just happened to pass another Lucid while driving around my area. He said there were probably 25+ Lucid Airs in the Charlotte area, with most being within 5-10 miles of me.