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Welcome to! We are a community of current and future Lucid owners as well as enthusiasts.

The forum is open to everyone, including Lucid owners, prospective owners, and others. We are here to talk about Lucid vehicles and related topics. Many will share driving impressions, discuss issues and solutions, ask questions, and much more!

First, please read the forum guidelines below. These are essentially the rules and regulations of the forum, and we hope you will find them fair, helpful, and consistent.

Second, a quick word regarding internet “tone.” Admittedly, it isn't easy to control your tone of voice and how you sound on the internet. Even when setting out with the best of intentions, it’s easy to lapse into clichéd communication styles and appear, when read, as overly negative, overly positive, or overly anything else. At Lucid Owners forum, we are trying very hard to maintain a neighborly feel. When writing a post, try your best to “speak” as if you are face-to-face with the person or group to whom you are speaking. Imagine you are talking directly to the person who designed the part of the car about which you are complaining. Try to use the same tone and respect you would in those situations.

Excessive negativity, sweeping generalizations, unsubstantiated statements, politically-motivated posts, and misinformation are strongly discouraged and may result in your posts being removed or edited, and, in extreme situations or after repeated warnings, the poster being banned.

  1. BE KIND: Please be respectful and civil in your written “tone.” Act as you would in real life, or at least would like others to. Keep posts and comments focused on the subject and context of the thread or category. Avoid any personal attacks, name calling, racist, insensitive, or emotional outbursts.
  2. BE HELPFUL: Try to stay true to our goal of helping each other. Posting problems just to vent is not helpful to anyone. If you had a poor experience, post something that others will benefit from. Think: constructive criticism. Refrain from “entitlement” attitudes by avoiding narratives such as, “I spent $xxxxxx on this car so therefore I expect…", "my much cheaper xxxxx car has a feature my Lucid doesn't," etc. Rants are not acceptable. Also, please use a descriptive title in your post. Avoid titles that are ‘clickbait’ like “This is Unbelievable!” Such posts will be renamed to accurately reflect their content. Certainly, as with any vehicle, there will be problems, large and small; no vehicle or company is ever perfect. In these situations, it is especially important to strive to make your post informative and helpful to others, as opposed to a “rant.” We encourage you to share both good and bad experiences with the car with facts and details and not just opinions. Statements like “I am a Lucid supporter and want Lucid to succeed” do not balance out overly negative posts; these statements come across as insincere. Also, while it is highly encouraged to post recommendations on ways to improve the vehicles, please refrain from telling Lucid what they should do or how they should run their business; “armchair CEO” comments are widespread on the internet and nearly always missing nuance. Unless you have run a large auto manufacturer, it is very easy to lose the forest for the trees, and there are likely many challenges one is not aware of unless actually in the role. It is easy to forget there are thousands of real people working very hard to design, build, sell, and service Lucid vehicles. Please keep them in mind when you're about to write something negative.
  3. AVOID DUPLICATION: Please search the forum before you post, and do not post the same thing as someone else. Put your posts in the most appropriate sub-forum. Please do not post the same post in multiple threads; minor paraphrasing falls into this as well. Please refrain from “shouting” by posting an issue multiple times on multiple threads.
  4. VEHICLE ISSUES: This is not an official Lucid Motors forum and may or may not be read by Lucid employees. If your car requires service, please contact Lucid customer service directly, via email at [email protected] or text/voice at +1 (888) 995-8243‬]
  5. PRIVACY: Do not post personal information (email, address, etc.) about anyone, including Lucid employees.
  6. ADVERTISING: Commercial advertisements or solicitations are not allowed without prior consent of the moderators.
  7. REFERRAL CODES: With regards to Lucid's Referral Program, no member shall give out their code without a request from someone first. Codes can only be given as a response to the Buyer's post in the Referral Subforum. Codes may also be added to the appropriate areas of you user profile, but referral codes shall NOT be posted in any post outside the Referral Subforum. Violation of this guideline may result in a ban from the forum.
  8. THE PRESS: Be mindful this is a public forum, and the press has open access to it. They have quoted other members without permission in the past. They may do the same to you without your permission and often without much-needed context, so be careful about what you write. Please inform moderators if a member of the press crosses the line.
  9. REPORTING: Members are encouraged to call out posts that don’t meet these guidelines by either reporting them to the moderators or directly messaging the poster to kindly suggest a rephrase. We should all assume good intent in our fellow forum members.
  10. MODERATORS: Forum moderators are volunteers who are here to help maintain these guidelines. We are NOT employees of Lucid. They are in constant communication with each other and share the goal of maintaining the neighborly and helpful feel of the forum. Your posts may be edited, moved, or deleted by the moderators at their discretion. In an effort to eliminate “trolls,” moderators reserve the right to require verification that you actually own a Lucid, if relevant to the post at hand; for example, when posting issues with the vehicle. Such may occur in particularly controversial threads, when making claims that are significant.
Violations of these guidelines may result in a temporary or permanent ban from the forum. Forum guidelines are, of course, subject to change. If you have any suggestions to improve our community please send a direct message to any of the moderators.

We hope you enjoy If you have any suggestions to improve our community please send a direct message to any of the moderators.


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