Speculation EV companies giving access to free ICE rentals for long distance

That could create range anxiety by giving potential buyers the impression that EVs can't handle road trips. With the Lucid, things are now at the point that a trip longer than what 99% of people take in a day won't need a charging stop. Even with my Tesla, with much less range, not only could I make similar trips by charging only when I would have stopped anyway for meals and restroom breaks, health experts recommend stopping at least that long on long trips anyway. For those who want to argue that they could make the trip faster in an ICEV, my counter argument is that they shouldn't. If you do a web search for how long you should be taking breaks on long trips, the consensus is somewhere around every two hours, with some recommending every 100 miles or so. And it has nothing to do with what kind of car people drive.

Then there's the issue of charger reliability. I read a lot of negative stories prior to getting the Lucid, In real life, I've used an app to check availability at nearby EA sites, and each time, I was able to charge with no problem. However, the apps typically reported how many were available and how many were down, and more times than not, there were some out of operation. So in terms of percent working, I've "encountered" a sizeable percentage of non-working chargers, but not in a way that affected me.

Then there's the issue of road trips where I might have a navigator decide over 100 miles ahead of time where I should stop to charge, leaving it with no way to predict availability. But with enough range to get to wherever I'll be stopping for the night, getting a hotel with EV charging seems like a better way to go.

If people told me that I could get an ICEV for road trips, it wouldn't have helped much since I had one that I knew I could use for that purpose. Prior to getting my first EV, I figured that it would be a very real possibility, until I started taking road trips in an EV and realized that I didn't want to deal with an ICEV. It might be worse with a rental, since rental companies don't go for all the options when buying cars.
This forum is replete with testimonials from people traveling across country in their Lucids. The common thread is planning and patience. Really, I could complain about the few times this month (one) I had to wait for a charger or the times I spotted an out of service charger, but is that representative of the whole EV experience? Too many owners not willing to take a road trip in their beloved Luci just because they may have to wait to charge or even go to another charging location? C'mon YOLO people. Amiright @Cosmo Cruz ? Someone give me an Amen...🙃