Car Software Update cadence

Apple Music would be nice but works pretty well with CarPlay.

My homelink button appears when I am approaching my gararge. Yours should.

Don’t lock at home is a good suggestion and seems like a pretty easy add.

My home button appears. It’s just not as convenient and backing out of the garage and closing it is a PITA.
Why? Without context, I don’t assume the worst 🤷‍♂️
Some are optimists.
Some are pessimists.
I don't consider myself either.
A few decades of trips around the sun and I experience in interpreting grey and thus I have "concern".
But "concern" is a word that has both connotation differently to different people vs. the denotation of the definition of the word. :eek:
1. Apple Music native because then you can get Atmos quality
2. Be able to have different functions on different screens, I.e. Apple CarPlay on top, native music below or your choice
3. Better EA charger locator. Often when I ask for EA charger locations on my route, few or none are listed. Big problem if I’m in a location where I don’t know what’s available
What are the top three features and/or fixes you would like to see?
1. When going from reverse to drive, immediately turn off camera view. It’s so annoying that I have to drive to X mph for it to turn off.
2. Better usage of screens, eg CarPlay on pilot, navigation up top.
3. CarPlay that consistently works.
4. When reversing show clear lines of my car, not this weirdo spotlight camera view.