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Camp mode and sentry mode


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Sep 9, 2020
Just wonder if anyone asked about these before? It would be nice to know when we get closer to production.


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Mar 7, 2020
I could be wrong, but I get the impression that Lucid is putting more emphasis right now on hardware that cannot be easily altered once production starts. On the software side, I suspect the emphasis right now is on the functionality that relates directly to operation of the car.

For example, I asked about whether the Air lower screen would display a Google Earth satellite view, which is one of my favorite features on the Tesla. The answer was that the car probably won't have it at start of production, but they were considering where (or even if) to place it on the list of features to add later through over-the-air updates. (This was one of my questions Zak Edson couldn't answer in our conversation the other day, but he got back to me with this answer yesterday.)

It's notable that we haven't yet seen the full features list for each version of the Air, akin to the detailed list of features we would see on the website of an established brand with continuing models. I suspect that's because the list isn't nailed down yet.

Whether or not things such as camp mode or sentry mode make it onto the list of future software-driven features might have to do with how many potential buyers make their interest in it known. I was told that was the case relating to the Google Earth satellite view.

As we've seen with Tesla, which only introduced sentry mode long after multiple cameras were added to its cars, and as we're seeing with the unexpectedly-limited feature set that Rivian has just announced for its product roll-out next summer, the potential to-do list for launching a new vehicle just gets too overwhelming to do everything possible. So the possible takes a back seat for a while to the necessary.