Any Owners/Future Owners in the Litchfield Park Area


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Jan 23, 2022
Litchfield Park AZ
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I've seen quite a few Lucid Airs being delivered in the Scottsdale area but haven't seen any from the far westside of Phoenix? I just confirmed my order and expect delivery of the GT around June timeframe.
I'll be taking delivery soon. Although I live in the Verde Valley, I spend a lot of time visiting my daughter, SIL, and grandson in Glendale. We may cross paths (at a charging location perhaps?) on the west side of the Valley. Air GT/Quantum Gray.
I'm planning to have PPF applied to the front area of my car. Have you done that? If so, can you recommend a good shop? Right now I have an appointment at PFS in Scottsdale.
I used Supreme Wraps in Scottsdale. They did a full wrap, ceramic coating and tinting. They did a great job except they didn't do the hood in one piece.
Thank you Steve. I appreciate the feedback. - PFS is listed as a "Supporting Vendor" of this forum, which is why I contacted them.