1. OutrightPace

    Tesla Lays off Supercharger Team

    Has anyone else heard about this? It doesn't seem particularly promising for those of us hoping for a seamless transition to Supercharger access next year.
  2. Bill55

    NACS Megathread

    NACS will be the standard in USA. I think Lucid only harms itself by not moving to NACS as soon as possible. *mod edit to get the link on the first post* It's here...
  3. valentin.horner@

    My experience supercharging with magic dock

    Last weekend I took a little trip to the closest supercharger with magic dock in Kremmling, CO. Parking was a little awkward since the superchargers are arranged with Teslas in mind (charge port on the rear driver-side). The Tesla app explains everything in details and starting a charge was...
  4. Lucid-PA-DE-AZ

    Tesla Tests Supercharger Membership Packages For Non-Tesla EV Owners