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  • I was interested in the Lucid Connected Home Charging Station (LCHCS) and had an electrician take a look on how to get a 100 amp service to the garage. Since our house was built in 1996, we have a 400 amp service with 300 amps being used currently. The electrician suggested putting a 100 amp breaker in the main house panel and run a 600v, 3 wire (1 gauge) with ground to the garage. Fortunately, we were able to run 11 feet from the panel through a closet ceiling and then out the concrete foundation wall to the garage. Still waiting for the availability of the LCHCS to connect to the wires.
    Hello Everyone - just signed up for the forum and find the information very informative. I reserved my Lucid Air back in 2017 and confirmed it in Nov. 2020. I ordered the AGT in White, Santa Cruz interior, and 19" for the max range. I'm still waiting for a VIN and confirmation of the production schedule. I hope they get all the bugs and software updates done before they build my car, as I am a long way from a service center living in Atlanta, GA.
    Welcome. I’m also in Atlanta. I got the invite this week to convert my AGT reservation to an order. I’m hoping to do a test drive or at least be a passenger in one before the order but maybe not. Lets keep in touch as fellow Georgia owners to be.
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    Nice to meet you Steve. I placed my order on Nov. 3 and still have not received a VIN. They told me 2-4 months for delivery as of Nov. 2021. That time slot is already over. No updates yet.
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