Ordering and Delivery: Lucid Air Pure


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Mar 17, 2023
Land Rover LR4
Reservation date : Oct 7th 2021

Finalized Date : August 10, 2022.
Variant Pure
Drivetrain Single Motor,
Color Quantum Grey
Look Platinum Included
Roof Metal Included
Wheels 19” Aero Range Included
Interior Mojave PurLuxe
Feature Surreal Sound
Feature DreamDrive Pro
It’s finally here. Picking up my Pure on Saturday after a long wait.
Reservation: May 20, 2021
Finalized: August 10, 2022

Lucid Air Pure
Dual Motor, All-Wheel Drive
Fathom Blue Exterior Color
Platinum Trim Look
Metal Roof
20” Aero Lite Wheels
Mojave PurLuxe Interior
Surround Sound
Dream Drive
Spring has finally arrived in the Hudson Valley. And so has my Pure! DA told me it's the first one in New England.


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I feel so grateful that this forum exists, and also thanks for those lovely pearls of wisdom that everyone has shared here. I've learned so much from you folks. Realistically, I know that I'm not up to speed yet, (get it?... "up to speed..."). Oh, never mind...