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SOLD Lucid 80 Amp Connected Home Wall Charger


New Member
Apr 9, 2024
I bought this with our new car but my electrician just informed me that there’s no way to add a 100amp breaker to our existing Powerwall setup due to continuous power load draw or something, so we’re gonna stick with our Tesla wall charger and just use an adaptor.

Brand New in the box - Prefer local pickup in the Temecula area of SoCal but can meet in OC area as well.

To use the full potential of this charger, you will need a 100amp breaker.
The charger can support up to 19.2kW of AC power, a figure that provides up to 80 miles of range per hour.

Asking $850 or $900 if you need it shipped. It’s not a lightweight box.
I’ll do $700 for local pickup or $750 shipped
Can meet you anywhere between Corona and Scripps Ranch area.