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SOLD For Sale - 2022 Grand Touring - $80k (under 9k miles) Charlotte, NC

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Jan 7, 2022
Charlotte, NC
73 Mustang Conv & the GT
2022 Lucid Air Grand Touring - $80,000

9000 miles (a little less right now, but probably close to that )

Quantum Grey
Mojave leather
21" Aero Blade Wheels
Glass Roof
Dreamdrive Pro
Surreal Sound Pro

EZ Spare tire and install kit
Lucid Tire Kit
Tesla adapter for destination chargers
TWRAPS dual phone charger
TWRAPS screen protectors (not installed yet, in box)
Extra gray floor mats for driver and back (PPF install guy melted a circle in front pax mat so had to get new set)
Full PPF and Ceramic installed August 2022
Full tint, including on roof/windshield

Only flaw is slight curb rash on front pax side wheel, have not sanded out yet.

Can also include ChargePoint Flex Home charger, has worked flawlessly since install 2 years ago.

Can send pics, video walk around or Facetime upon request.

Located in Charlotte, NC.
Only selling due to needing something to tow with and not having the garage space.

DM me.
Some pics


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A little below, but I also took the easy route and sold it to a dealer. I am somewhat confident that I could have gotten asking price in a private transaction.
I'm curious, for my trade in purposes, how much did the dealership give you for your GT?
A little below, but I also took the easy route and sold it to a dealer. I am somewhat confident that I could have gotten asking price in a private transaction.
Hi - I see you sold to a dealer. Was it Lake Norman Infiniti in Cornelius, NC? Asking for a friend. ;)
Yes, but looks like might lose money or break even, at best. The car really is in “like new” condition. Has full PPF, ceramic over PPF, tinted windows and roof/windshield. Spare tire up front. Some extra floor mats. I think I left a Tesla adapter in there as well. Has the TWRAPS dual phone charger and screen protector as well.
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