1. L

    Lucid Air Pure Dual Motor

    I noticed that Dual Motor is available for Air Pure with $5000 more. Is that same motor as the Touring edition?
  2. Joe

    Lucid Motors Shops Itself To Ford. No Deal, Dearborn Says.

    Lucid Motors is finding out the hard way that building a new electric car costs a lot of money. Short of funds, it has reportedly approached Ford about buying the company, but Ford has rebuffed Lucid’s advances, saying it has bigger fish to fry than owning the rights to the only electric car on...
  3. Joe

    Welcome to - The Lucid Motors Community & Owners Forums

    Hello and welcome to everyone that is reading this. This community is dedicated to the future of Lucid Motors Owners. Be sure to register and post any information you come across about Lucid Motors to help build up this community! Once registered, be sure to introduce yourself! Real...