lucid air

  1. Twozags

    For Sale 2023 Lucid Air Touring in Pristine Condition

    Treat yourself to Motortrend’s Car of the Year. Pristine condition 2023 Lucid Air Touring with upgrades to Zenith Red exterior with platinum trim, glass canopy roof, 21” Aero blade wheels, Mojave interior and surreal surround sound pro. 8,200 miles, original owner. $79,000 in Scottsdale, AZ
  2. R

    Referral Code Request

    Hi, I am about to place an order for Lucid Air and looking for an unused referral code. Thanks
  3. 2uandme

    Do you think Lucid will make cheap cars?

    As we all know, Tesla has been dominating the electric car market with their impressive lineup of vehicles. The Model 3, in particular, has been one of their most successful models, offering customers a more affordable option compared to their previous models. However, with the rise of...
  4. Usafvasquez

    SOLD 2023 Lucid Air Touring Full Spec

    2023 Lucid Air Touring Fully loaded Specs: Stellar White Metallic / Santa Cruz leather interior 20-inch aero lite wheels Surreal Sound Pro DreamDrive Pro purchased Full Ceramic coating Full Ceramic Window Tint 13860 miles / purchased Dec, 2023 Original purchase price: $127,550 Asking: $86,000...
  5. rustystarphish

    4K 360° Lucid Air Journey

    captured through the Insta360 RS-1. Just a quick test video As I navigate from work to home, the background tunes of Phish's Timber Ho from their live performance on December 7, 1997, at the Nutter Center in Dayton, Ohio, subtly enhance the journey. open to feedback or other video ideas to...
  6. B

    Please convince me to buy an Air

    I love everything about the car and I want one. I can easily afford one. Yet I cannot seem to pull the trigger due to the simple fear that Lucid Motors (the company) may not be around in a year or so. Are my fears rational? Will leasing actually be a better choice given this big uncertainty...
  7. N

    Options for getting out of lease?

    Anyone have any ideas on how to get out of my long-term lease? Can I get a dealership to buy it out and take it off my hands? Or find someone to take over the lease? I can afford the lease but could really cut back on expenses. The lease cost and insurance is a huge chunk each month. I'm not...
  8. rodmas

    Lucid Air replacement parts - where to buy?

    Hello all, I have a question - is there any channel from Lucid (or an aftermarket alternative) to buy Lucid Air replacement parts? I am wondering if it is possible just to get a part (if needed) for replacement. For example, if I am just too far from a service center and the part is easy to...
  9. S

    My Air Grand Touring is no longer accepting a charge

    unfortunately my freshly delivered Lucid Air Grand Touring has stopped accepting a charge. Not sure what went wrong, was working just fine until yesterday. When plugged in at home, my mobile charger lights up a constant white, indicating it’s ready to charge. As soon as it’s clicked into the...
  10. A

    Lucid UX 2.0 is worth the wait

    Just upgraded to 2.0.8 and everything after 2.0.5 has been astounding. Navigation: Much smoother interface and always has the travel time and mileage showing on the navigation panel now, also the car remembers to disable turn by turn voice. Homelink: It will now pull up when you approach your...
  11. Lucid-PA-DE-AZ

    Tesla Tests Supercharger Membership Packages For Non-Tesla EV Owners
  12. limtless

    Lucid Air for $52,500

    I found this short YT clip from CNET 5 years ago. Saying the base Lucid Air would be $60k wo tax credit and top of the line just over $100k. That never happened!
  13. L

    Lucid Air Pure Dual Motor

    I noticed that Dual Motor is available for Air Pure with $5000 more. Is that same motor as the Touring edition?
  14. thecodingart

    Sun Visor + Acceleration pedal - First Test Drive

    I currently live in Orlando with the nearest show room being in West Palm Beach FL. I've been to the showroom once and had the opportunity to view/tour a stationary vehicle. Today, I finally was able to test drive a Black GT with 19" wheels. There were some nuances/surprises I got out of this...
  15. dawktah LucidGT

    What to do when a bike rack is not an option

    Hello All, WARNING ADULT CONTENT: Given the fact that putting a bike rack on the Air is not going to be a possibility or more importantly the significant decrease in range I am wondering about getting a folding bike. I am VERY hesitant to get one due to my history with traditional bike style...
  16. M

    Let's talk about the Air's interior compared to competing luxury cars

    I initially commented on a post comparing the Air to the EQS and noticed the distaste for the EQS' interior over the Lucid's simple interior. I would like to just repost that comment in this post since this aspect of the Air has been bugging me quite a bit. Essentially, I find that for how much...
  17. M

    Reserved a GT

    I’ve reserved a Grand Touring model since all Dream editions have sold out. I’m hoping there’s a tri-motor Lucid Air coming soon so I can upgrade my reservation. A plaid competitor that handles well in the canyons while providing everything that comes with a luxury sedan would be very exciting.