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    Has anyone replaced tires on Lucid Air?

    Lucid came to my house to change a Pirelli due to a bulge. I have little faith in these Pirellis and therefore would also like to switch over to the Michelins that were on my Model S P100D. I wonder about the weight load, though. The Lucid is 400 pounds heavier than the MS. Does that matter??
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    Lane Departure Protection: Annoying at best. Hazardous at worst.

    Yes - I keep it turned off. Highly annoying. But I also keep it turned off on my other cars, because they are also highly annoying….
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    Wrecked Air already!
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    Hello door handles! Goodbye radio…

    Something has changed. Anyone else notice this? All of a sudden my door handles are presenting timely, all the time. As long as key fob is on me, the car recognizes me coming and unlocks for me. Don’t know what changed, but Lucid sent me batteries for my key fobs so that’s probably the answer...
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    Release Notes Megathread

    As I’ve been saying for a couple of months, it’s almost like they never tried driving their own car before selling it to us. It only takes a few hours of using it as a real car to realize the software is all screwed up.
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    Key cards, fobs and phones, oh my!

    Here’s the best way: drive past the valet and find the self-park area. Park yourself and walk past the valet on your way into the restaurant while he gazes longingly back at the Lucid he’s not going to get to drive.
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    Brake lights & regen braking

    Yep. You’ll rarely use the brakes.
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    to charge or not to charge, that is the question...

    Same here. Free “gas”!
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    Brake lights & regen braking

    Yes, under the high regen” setting, taking your foot off the pedal makes the car stop RIGHT NOW. It is the equivalent of a very forceful stomp on the brakes.
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    Navigation software

    Currently if you’re already using the car’s navigation and you say “Alexa, take me to a gas station” or whatever, she will ask if you want to cancel and start a new route. Just like Hey Mercedes.
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    Apple CarPlay Status

    But too bad their HR department can’t spell the word “work”. 😃
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    Personal Review

    I have a DE, and I have to say that, although 1,111 hp is fun to scare a passenger occasionally, I absolutely do not need it. The "normal" 700 or whatever hp is available in "Smooth" mode is totally sufficient and more than any other car on the road. The Pure is going to be more than enough --...
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    Comments From Strangers

    Every time I drive the Lucid I get overwhelming reactions from strangers. Sometimes it’s fun, sometimes a little embarrassing. Yesterday another dad at my kids’ school pulled up next to me in his gray MS and gestured to roll down the window, and then said “That is a BEAUTIFUL car!” Another...
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    Apple Music vs Spotify vs Tidal

    I much prefer Spotify and even Tidal to the old Slacker that the original MS used. The user interface in Slacker was crap, and most of the time if I tried to ask for a specific song, it would provide a different collection of related songs. Spotify much better. Tidal harder to get used to and...
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    Still waiting for GT

    I can tell you that the Lucid Air GT is a better car than the MS Plaid.