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  • Where in NJ are you?
    I used Corbin electric to install my plug and charger in my home. I'm in Manalapan and have JCP&L as my electric company. They gave a $1500 rebate for the installation if I used an approved charger on their list. The state of NJ also gave me a $250 rebate of I used an approved charger on their list. The overlap was really limited to the Juicebox chargers so I bought one of those from best buy on sale this time last year.
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    Yes I'll take any electrician details and approximately what they charge for the install ... I'm still confused about the charger should I get the one from Lucid?
    Sure Electric LLC was for me.
    I chose for hardwire an I get 9KW per hour. They said if you do a receptacle then it would be additional. Plus, my charger was installed right next to the main panel. They charged by <$1100.00. They scheduled the inspection too. Once inspection passed then PSEG reimbursed me the whole amount as a bill credits.
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