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  • Hi @JerryG . I'd like to learn more about your AGT. Can you point me to your listing? I'm in Atlanta and pretty close to pulling the trigger on another one, but you sound like a nice guy. I've bought lots of cars sight unseen on the Internet, so it doesn't scare me. This would be my first Lucid (probably most people), so I'm not sure what I should be asking you about.

    Anyway, if you're still coming to Atlanta, that would also be awesome! :)

    Thanks Jerry,

    Hi Aaron, it looks like I have it sold. I do have a deposit and will be delivering it to Las Vegas the end of the month. If for some reason that gentleman decides not to buy it, I will be returning to Atlanta again in mid December. I removed the listing based on the feedback of needing better pictures and didn’t bother re-listing it as one of the original purchasers decided to buy it after all. (hopefully)
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