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The pilot panel touch screen is not working for the seats, massage, theme lighting and charging. Is am
yo e else having this problem?
Try switching to guest profile, wait a couple of minutes then switch back to your profile. That should reset your screen. If that doesn’t work, use your valet card to lock the car and walk away for 15 minutes. Use your fob or mobile key to get back in. If that doesn’t work, contact customer care.
Joec - FYI - I talked to my DA today who said my white Tahoe was “still scheduled for delivery in the last two weeks of December”. He had an interesting offer - another of his ”people” have a white/Santa Cruz on order which he said was scheduled for production the week before our car. That owner indicated they would like “more time” so my DA wanted to know if we would switch to Santa Cruz to try an move up in order. We said we were good with that but he indicated he really didn’t know the process for making such a switch - he said he would get back with us in a day or two to let us know if he was successful. Interesting.
Please add me to the Touring delivery tracker:
order 7/8/22
finalized 11/2/22
metal roof
19inch wheels
basic sound system
dream drive
quantum grey
mojave interior
Touring Reservation May 11 2022, Confirmed August 11 2022, Finalized Nov 5 2022. Color Zenith Red, Interior Santa Cruz, Glass Canopy Roof, 19” wheels, Surreal Sound, Dream Drive. State: Florida
Hey Bobby - hoping to get one of your 3d printed mounts. How do I get one? I live in Los Angeles. Thanks so much!
I do have my car! But how do I private message? I’ve looked all over and can’t find an option. My email is [email protected]
I’ll email you. To private message, tap the icon that looks like an envelope at the top of the screen.
Bobby, my private messaging doesn’t work. No idea why. If you could email me would be much appreciated, thanks!
I see you are in Michigan. Where did you take delivery of your Lucid? I prefer something closer than Oak Brook Ill. Preferably in Michigan.
Hi Borski - I'm new to the forum. Sifting through a lot of information. Regarding PPF, who did your instal? If so, can you tell me what PPF you used? Did you have tint applied to the roof for added heat/UV reduction? Any other products applied that you would recommend? Were you happy with the final product? Thanks in advance
Reservation: 9/9/20, Finalized: 11/5/2022, Color: Cosmos Silver, Interior: Mojave, No Stealth, Glass Canopy Roof, 20" Wheels, Surreal Sound Pro - Yes, Dream Drive Pro - Yes, State/Province Tennessee
Thanks for your hard work!!
Hi Phil, Yes, I would love to see your car. I am not sure if this sends a private message or it is publicly posted. I sent my email before but it looks like it was redacted.
Call me at 6-1-5 - 4-7-9 - 8-9-6-6.
Hi Scott, I am in Seattle as well and am interested in your car. Is it available?
Borski -- I was sitting with a fellow LUCID owner and he mentioned Discord as a place to gather up with other owners. Can I get invited too?
Good morning Volund. Keep an eye out for my White AGT in Lehi. Brought it up to Utah about a month ago. Looking forward to spotting you driving around SLC.
I appreciate the mention of Sliplo to protect the front from damage. My AGT was delivered last week. In looking under the front area, I'm wondering how far from the front edge you installed the Sliplos? Thanks of the help
Go to Amazon"Sto and Sho" removable license plate bracket that mounts under the car. I wrote to the factory in California asking them to make one for my Lucid GT. They said they would but they have not seen a Lucid. I need to send them photo of the bottom of my car with dimensions.