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    Air Dream Deliveries?

    Don't forget about taxes:(
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    Lucid Blackwing thank you pack

    Based on the seller's reviews, they've sold 5 sets too. Where could they have obtained that many?
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    Air Dream Deliveries?

    Wait! There is supposed to be logic in these discussions? I thought this was a free flowing forum, free from societal norms... In all seriousness, everybody needs to chill. Just because a few people in the Twitterverse post their DEs doesn't mean more cars haven't been delivered in the past 2...
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    Xpel Stealth? Badass or a bad mistake?

    I came upon Stealth while researching PPF. I've never done any paint protection on my previous vehicles, so this is all new to me. I've always liked the matte/satin look on cars (when done right) and I think it will look really good on the Quantum Gray Air. I'm not sure it would work for every...
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    Picking up in a half hour

    Somewhere @Paladin732 is swearing...
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    Grand Touring Deliveries?

    I wrote about my latest update in the Dream deliveries thread the other day:
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    Grand Touring delivery

    They haven't finished producing the DEs yet, so no GTs on the assembly line as far as we know. They will hopefully be starting production in the next few weeks, but I'll only believe it when someone gets a VIN.
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    Which one looks better ? With chrome or total black out ?

    I kind of like the wheels blacked out, but not the car. I am planning to put a matte wrap on my Quantum Gray car, which I think will make it fairly unique but still retain the aesthetics.
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    Dream Edition Goodie Box

    Did anyone else get the pencils today? They came in the mail, along with the drawing, but no sharpener. I know from the previous discussion that the box label probably doesn't mean anything, but mine said 'Lucid Air Grand Touring 55' at the bottom, FWIW.
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    Air Dream Deliveries?

    There's no way any of those are GTs. A number of folks getting DEs on this forum haven't received a VIN yet, meaning their cars are not yet off the assembly line. My DA told me the other day it'll likely be a few weeks until they start making GTs. The GT he posted previously was likely a...
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    Air Dream Deliveries?

    I know we need to take these Bear's flyovers with a grain of salt, but there were 72 cars seen 2 days ago and 115 today, so there must be some progress being made...
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    Air Dream Deliveries?

    I spoke to my DA the other day after a few weeks of radio silence. I was told that I'm "in the first 200" confirmed GT orders (I hope so, as I was in the first batch of confirmation emails and my deposit is from 12/2019). The party line is that they're 'almost done' producing the DEs and should...
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    VIN Numbers

    It seems like Lucid is intentionally making the VINs in no specific order to prevent people from figuring out production numbers.
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    Problems, glitches, issues and observations etc

    There's this story too:
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    VIN Numbers

    Here we go again... The VINs have no pattern. The best thing to gauge number delivered is the DE number on the door sill.
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    Grand Touring Deliveries?

    They're not going to build any GTs before they finish the DEs. Until people here or in the other forum post that they got GT VINs (myself included), or we see wrapped cars with the 21" GT wheels, then they're still building DEs. I hope it'll only be a few weeks for all the DEs to be produced...
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    Grand Touring Deliveries?

    Or, much like them persistently telling @hmp10 that red didn't affect his production status, they're lying/really stretching the truth to avoid mass hysteria at them missing their self imposed deadline. Considering the number of DE reservation holders in this forum who have not yet received...
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    For those considering a 100amp breaker install

    This is from the app: Theoretically, shouldn't you be able to change the charging times so that people couldn't charge (i.e. 12 am to 12:01 am) and then turn off the schedule when you'd want to charge?
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    For those considering a 100amp breaker install

    It should be, but it's not, at least from my PHEV experience. I previously drove a BMW 530e, which did have the function. I'm currently driving a Volvo XC90 Recharge, which unfortunately doesn't. Thankfully, I have the Chargepoint Flex, so I can schedule my charging through the Chargepoint app...