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  1. Ksa23

    Where Did Preconditioning Go From the Lucid App?

    Hm Ive only had the car for three weeks, but I dont remember ever seeing this as an option
  2. Ksa23

    Software Glitches

    I've soft reset the car by just staying inside. See my post here:
  3. Ksa23

    Any Washington State Ferry users here?

    You can turn off the car by putting it in park, opening the door, closing it, then locking from the fob with a single press. That will shut everything down as if you walked away. Edit: just be sure to unlock the car from the fob before turning it on or opening the door again, otherwise it may...
  4. Ksa23

    Software Glitches

    Almost 2000 miles and the only issue I had were blind spot cameras not working one trip. Simple 45 second reboot fixed. Low price to pay for such an amazing cutting-edge vehicle 😎
  5. Ksa23

    Tidal new subscription knocks Dolby Atmos into new category?

    As someone who can appreciate the highs, low, deep bass, and overall clarity of an Atmos track, Tidal HiFi Plus is totally worth it - especially in the Lucid. The highs in particular are so crystal clear, its fantastic! If audio could be a laser cut diamond, Lucid is it. Combining that with the...
  6. Ksa23

    Rear Seat Belt Tensioners

    Same here and it can be annoying. Its kind of funny though at the same time - as if the car is trying to protect you from the 800hp
  7. Ksa23

    DreamDrivePro owners, would you still keep it?

    Im not sure asking if its worth $9k is the right question -- it adds resale value, which you would eventually recoup a portion of. I understand where you're going tho. My answer is a big YES.
  8. Ksa23

    Rear Deck Creaking Noise

    I too have the rear creaking over bad bumps. It sounds like someone wearing tight leather pants. I assumed it was the leather seat sections rubbing against each other
  9. Ksa23

    No need for home charger...we only have street parking!

    For what it's worth, we are also street parking for the next 6 months or so and I also work from home. The Lucid is a pure pleasure vehicle, and I find errands to do when there's downtime ;). Thankfully our grocery store has EA chargers, and the 350kwh ones in the area have been great. The...
  10. Ksa23

    When Highway Assist Can Be Dangerious

    I've observed this multiple times, and living in downtown Seattle, the highway lanes tend to be very tight. Because of this, I don't feel safe using HA often when there's lots of traffic. Making highway turns is downright scary when there is traffic next to me and it can be frustrating to fight...
  11. Ksa23

    [Delivery Tracker] Lucid Air Grand Touring

    I was going to say the seats are pretty comfortable, but then I kept reading.. Congrats!!
  12. Ksa23

    Soft & Hard Reset Procedures repository

    I think I accomplished a soft reset without getting out of the car. I just put it in park, stay seated, open and close the door, then lock from the fob. The car shuts down instantly, I wait 1 minute, then unlock with the fob and start up. This fixed my blinker cameras not coming on.
  13. Ksa23

    Used owner's problems?

    Sorry to hear of this, it does sound like you may be treated like a second class citizen when you should be just as welcome as anyone else.
  14. Ksa23


    My experience with my Air has been 10/10. I feel very sad when I see folks cancel their orders over some of the complaints posted on the forum. My only issue is "Unavailable" front camera 3 or 4 times out of 100 now. No big deal.. new company, new car, it will be fixed in time. Lucid knocked it...
  15. Ksa23

    Windshield wipers

    Lucid Auto mode wipers have been the best I've ever used. Blades themselves are nothing special, but I do like how the windshield wash comes from the blade rather than the hood (like many luxury cars nowadays)
  16. Ksa23

    Any idea what this is?

    You may have the steering wheel angled too high up relative to your body size. Make sure the wheel isnt blocking the eye seniors behind the steering column.
  17. Ksa23

    ACC Actions

    I definitely feel that I, as a driver, am too close to the middle of the lane.. just feels a bit off, and cars are too close on the right. I often cancel HA in high speed heavy traffic because of this. It seems fine at lower speeds.
  18. Ksa23

    ACC Actions

    Hmm I've used ACC/HA for about 600 miles now and its been great. Worst part is that is biases toward the right side of the lane a bit much, but maintaining space has been great. But as for the stop lights... that isnt part of the ACC features. It has no idea what a red light is.
  19. Ksa23

    Seattle Area

    Just a FYI, that is by design. Only one cable per "pod" is usable at a time. The other cable is just for better compatibility with vehicle sizes and charge port placement.
  20. Ksa23

    Miles on arrival display

    I find it funny how the Miles on Arrival constantly goes down and down even though I'm on cruise control and flat ground. It really needs to be more intelligent than using the EPA numbers in a vacuum to calculate.