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  1. mnewber1

    A Sad Farewell

    It is with great sadness that I announce that I have bought an Ioniq 5 and will no longer be active on this forums. I have appreciated all of you and will definitely miss the discussions we've had!
  2. mnewber1

    Hummer EV: Look on the bright side

    At least Lucid and Rivian is producing faster than this:
  3. mnewber1

    Toyota bZ4X: Mediocre at best
  4. mnewber1

    Lucid announced cross country tour

    I wonder what a certain mod of Lucid Forums and current reservation holder has to do to get an invite to the kickoff event in SF? 🤔
  5. mnewber1

    Give Kudos to Lucid

    If you have an experience you would like to share, or someone from Lucid you would like to give kudos to, please do so here! Some things to remember: You are welcome to state studio and service center locations. Please keep names to a first-name basis only. Try to provide context as to why...
  6. mnewber1

    Lucid Charger

  7. mnewber1

    Lucid w/ Roof Racks seen being tested

    Roof racks and all black rims, Eureka Gold
  8. mnewber1

    Lucid Stockholders Meeting (June 9th)

    We should find out how the recall and such has affected numbers next Thursday.
  9. mnewber1

    Peter will host Tech Talk 2 tomorrow

    Featuring the Grand Touring on the left, and the Touring on the right with the 20" wheels.
  10. mnewber1

    Black Grand Touring for sale seems like they raised the price
  11. mnewber1

    Rivian's Recall
  12. mnewber1

    Superchargers to add CCS Connectors in US
  13. mnewber1

    Lucid to sell Dreams to European customers
  14. mnewber1

    Employer takes employees for a ride (ft. Sprint Mode)

    See their reactions to sprint mode. Warning: some profanity All credit goes to Josh Letsis.
  15. mnewber1

    Air Tri-Motor Widebody

    Older pics, still interesting.
  16. mnewber1

    Blue Lucid

    It’s beautiful….
  17. mnewber1

    Rivian Chassis Welding

    I'm not expert but this looks elementary.
  18. mnewber1

    Savini Wheels on a Lucid
  19. mnewber1

    SA to purchase up to 100,000 Lucids Deliveries to start no later than Q2 2023 makes it sound like Pure orders being delivered around that time will be pushed back for priority of these vehicles.
  20. mnewber1

    Terminology & Slang Glossary

    SLANG: Slang Definition PDI (Pre-Delivery Inspection) Inspection that occurs once an Air arrives at the service center prior to delivery. QA / QC (Quality Assurance / Quality Check) An inspection that occurs that Casa Grande Factory prior to leaving the factory. VIN (Vehicle...