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  1. Snafu

    Plug Share and JD Power Survey

    I received the same survey that said "no thanks" when LUCID came up as my vehicle.
  2. Snafu

    Plug Share and JD Power Survey

    Plug-in America sent out a survey on December 1st which did have LUCID as one of the cars you could review. There was a lot more on infrastructure and other EV topics also.
  3. Snafu

    Lucids in the New England wilds

    Because that's the best color! 😸
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    I miss my car :(

    Well, at least LUCID is providing your rental. My insurance company got me a Nissan Kick, which was filthy and drives like a go-cart compared to my AGT. My phone let me know one update was done while she's been in for repairs and another is pending. We'll see when I get hints of a timeline to...
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    If it is Ted Z., he was excellent to deal with after I ordered my GT. Patience, Grasshopper!

    If it is Ted Z., he was excellent to deal with after I ordered my GT. Patience, Grasshopper!
  6. Snafu

    Nov 5: New England Lucid meet-up

    Now you understand where my screen name comes from....🙀
  7. Snafu

    Nov 5: New England Lucid meet-up

    I was in a funeral procession heading to the cemetery and got T-boned at an intersection by a woman who saw the green light and just went for it. Driver's side rear quarter panel/entire door down through the rear bumper was toast and the tire was shredded. Everyone was ok. Excellent protection...
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    Nov 5: New England Lucid meet-up

    So bummed I missed it... I'm hoping the stars aligned next time. I'm glad you had such a turnout!
  9. Snafu

    [Delivery Tracker] Lucid Air Touring

    Some of the banks/credit unions will do an extended lock time on a loan if you are ordering one of the direct-manufacture cars from some companies.
  10. Snafu

    Need honest feedback from current owners

    I received the car at the beginning of September and have recently updated to v2.0.20. Has this been glitch-free? No, this is a start-up. The software has come a long way from the original which came with the car. Mobile Service has been timely and excellent: came out to fix one window seal and...
  11. Snafu

    Engadget overview of UX 2.0

    Both of my fobs died in the update. It was not the batteries (I had changed them) and when I removed the one (no longer functioning) paired fob from my profiles, it never came back. Mobile service came to fix and troubleshoot another couple issues after the update and brought two new fobs...
  12. Snafu

    Wish list additional item

    On the old software, the window/child locks were on the far left of the cockpit screen. That locks all the windows except the driver's, I think. With the new software, I forget where, but they were moved onto the pilot screen/menus, I think.
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    How Much Range Are You Actually Getting?

    I force myself to used the brakes at least once a day.... to prevent rust or other build-up, of course. 😸
  14. Snafu

    How Much Range Are You Actually Getting?

    I'm at 3600+ miles, 19" w/aero, and my "lifetime average" is 4.0mi/kWh. I drive mainly in Smooth, and my driving is probably 75% town/rural (winding/rolling) back roads and 25% highway (@75mph). Charging to 80% typically puts me at about 420 miles when I unplug in the mornings. I know the car...
  15. Snafu

    Navigation Settings

    I have favorite routes to avoid some of the highways or main roads (especially in tourist season), so after I have entered a destination I add a stop or two along the way to set it up. I would really like a way to "save trip", meaning not just the destination, but also the exact route chosen as...
  16. Snafu

    2.0.15 - The MOAU - Mother Of All Updates

    I could have done without the gummy worm, though I have to salute their imagination and sense of humor. Enjoy!
  17. Snafu

    2.0.15 - The MOAU - Mother Of All Updates

    Is that an apple fritter I see??? I'm having my first cappuccino of the morning, and I'm sad that box is not in front of me.
  18. Snafu

    EA Megathread

    So, that IS supposed to detach and the thin "cable" I saw is connected to the release and should be used to pull it? I thought I had broken something and ripped out the plastic surround from the frame, the thin cable was to keep it from falling out, and I hesitated to do anything more. Thanks!
  19. Snafu

    Car & Driver tests the Lucid range

    I was kinda surprised today when I looked at my numbers at 3600+ miles: 4.1 mi/kWh
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    EA Megathread

    AMAZINGLY - a third EA success (mostly)... A road trip to Norwich, VT, from NH today and I stopped at the EA Charger in Lebanon, NH, going home. There was a Kona from Quebec connected to a different charger and the owners were trying to figure out why their charge had stopped with no...