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  1. Tesla2.0

    Rolls-Royce Cullinan

    $340K Is this worth it? It’s interior chrome overkill.
  2. Tesla2.0

    FREE electricity!!

    Attention Target shopper!!!! FREE ChargePoint at Target! Just found out tonight 😂
  3. Tesla2.0

    Let’s talk about brand exclusivity differentiators

    Tesla - Supercharger Network Tesla - Fart app, Karaoke, Sentry Mode, Dog mode Tesla - FSD Rivian - Quad Motors Rivian - 8 driving modes, Kneel mode, Sentry Guard Rivian - Built in Flashlight, portable speaker, air compressors, frunk drainage hole. Polestar - Android system Lucid - Luxury...
  4. Tesla2.0

    Happy Thanksgiving to all Lucid Air owners!

    I just want to express gratitude how much I love Air, how gorgeous of its interior, how spacious of its cabin. And you know what they said about real estate, it’s all about location, location and location. Well, we are lucky to have Air as EV, it’s all about range, range and range. Our battery...
  5. Tesla2.0

    Lucid vs Texas auto dealership
  6. Tesla2.0

    Lucid at Electrify Expo Austin 11/12/22

    Apparently the most sought after brand to test drive…
  7. Tesla2.0

    EA inconsistency question.

    Does anyone know why one EA stall can handshake another AGT, but mine failed 5 times? It kept referring me to Lucid mobile app. Did I do something wrong? (I went to another stall to pay to charge instead of free charge.)
  8. Tesla2.0

    The world’s first flying car prototype debut in Dubai —- XPeng X2

    Damn, this is cooler than everything we know..
  9. Tesla2.0

    Anyone listened to Q3 2022 Earning call?

    Anyone has info? I got in last 5 minutes, only heard Peter Rawlinson answered Gravity will be a sports car type SUV.
  10. Tesla2.0

    0~150 mph in 11 sec

    I timed this video with stop watch - 11 sec. Who’s ready to launch like this?
  11. Tesla2.0

    Look! It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s November 15th!

    Lucid is such a tease!
  12. Tesla2.0

    Houston Lucid Show N Tell

    Houston Lucid owners are intrepid to show N tell amongst super cars.
  13. Tesla2.0

    CCP owns Tesla?

  14. Tesla2.0

    🇺🇦 - Someone needs to get paid
  15. Tesla2.0

    Lucid is coming to Electrify Expo in Texas Nov 11, 2002